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Separated at Birth?

September 17th, 2010

Produced just 13 days and 22 cars apart in October 2001, Glenn and my M Coupes (#39 and #17 of 2002 and the first of the year in this color combination) could have shared time together before being shipped out. It really was amazing to see them next to each other again almost 9 years later. They are near spitting images of each other. Besides Glenn’s rare sunroof-delete option and my European clear bumper lights, not a lot separates them from the outside. One interesting thing we did note – that we wouldn’t have if they weren’t parked within feet of each other – is that Glenn’s shadow chrome roadstar wheels were noticeably darker than mine. On the inside, Glenn’s driver seat bolster is the definition of perfection and about the only one that could make mine look less so. I have the 6-disc changer in the trunk and an alarm LED in the center console, but those are about the only noticeable differences.

Back in February, I was beginning to give up hope of ever finding a steel gray over imola red M Coupe and thinking of settling. When Glenn was nice enough to let me come down and gawk at his coupe, my fortitude to press on with my search was renewed. Now that I have finally found one, I’m so glad I held out all these years.

Thanks to Colby Gregory for taking all these amazing photos.

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