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What’s a Shooting-Brake?

May 1st, 2010

The BMW M Coupe is commonly referred to as a shooting-brake style car.  Shooting-brake refers to a 2-door car with a squared-off backend.  The term seems to have originated in Great Britain referring to custom-built 2-door estate cars wealthy owners modified for additional space for hunting or sporting equipment.

There is much debate over what is and is not a shooting-brake throughout history.  Some of the most common shooting brakes are:

Some modern manufactures such as Audi and Bentley have released recent concept cars labeled shooting-brakes, but most would just call them hatchbacks or wagons.  These include:

Some of the more “unique” shooting-brakes built over the years are:

A great resource for additional shooting-brake information, photos and history is www.shooting-brake.com.

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